The main partners and beneficiaries of the Project are the Ministry of Defence, the Investigation Committee, the Military Prosecutor, the Human Rights Defender, the Ministry of Justice, the parliament committees and NGOs.

The main objectives are to contribute to a better protection of human rights in the armed forces in Armenia, by improving the national capacity to apply European human rights standards in the armed forces and by improving the prevention, identification, referral and handling of human rights violations in the armed forces, with a particular focus on ill-treatment.

The following results are expected:

  • the relevant military legislation is reviewed and advanced to make it compliant with international and European human rights standards;
  • the capacity of the Human Rights and Integrity Building Centre of the MoD to ensure human rights compliance and promote them within the armed forces and the MoD is enhanced;
  • human rights awareness is raised among members of the armed forces, and their access to relevant information on European human rights standards  increases;
  • the regulatory framework and institutional mechanisms to prevent and address human rights violations in the armed forces are reviewed and strengthened;
  • the prevention of human rights violations and external monitoring of the situation with their observance in the armed forces improve;
  • effectiveness of investigation and other procedures concerning ill-treatment, non-combat deaths and other serious human rights violations in the armed forces are improved.

Conference on Human Rights and the Army in Armenia

26 March 2019 Yerevan

Conference on “Human Rights and the Army” organised by the Council of Europe on 26 March in Yerevan has concluded a 2,5-year Project on “Strengthening the application of European human rights standards in the armed forces in Armenia”. The conference brought together Armenian officials, other...

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International Conference Marking the 10 Year Anniversary of the Armenian National Preventive Mechanism

28-29 November 2018 Yerevan

On 28-29 November an international conference marking the 10th anniversary of the National Preventive Mechanism in Armenia was organised in Yerevan to discuss issues related to the prevention of torture and execution of the relevant judgments of the European Court of Human Rights. On 31 May 2006,...

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Training on human rights in the armed forces

25-26 October Jermuk

On 25 and 26 October, 20 officers from military units located in the south of Armenia took part in a training session on human rights in the armed forces. This training session was the first in the series of four seminars to be conducted by the Council of Europe in October-November 2018,...

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