The main partners and beneficiaries of the Project are Courts of General Jurisdiction, High Council of Justice, High School of Justice, Parliament, Constitutional Court, Ministry of Justice, Georgian Bar Association, General Prosecution Office, Ministry of Interior, Supreme Court.

The main aim is to improve criminal proceedings in Georgia in accordance with European Standards.

Three expected results are foreseen under the project:

  1. The criminal procedure legislation and practice has improved safeguards and guarantees in line with European standards including those related on gender equality
  2. Analytical and methodological capacities of the justice sector stakeholders to assess the criminal justice’s performance including from the gender perspective and develop evidence-based criminal policy has improved
  3. Performance of the authorities in matters of international mutual cooperation is enhanced

With a view to achieving these results, several activities will be implemented:

  • Support the Georgian stakeholders in the reforms of the criminal procedure and strengthen the capacity of national courts to effectively exercise judicial control over the application of coercive measures by the prosecution services and law enforcement agencies;
  • Support Georgian stakeholders to establish most effective system of preventive measures in line with the best European practices;
  • Enhance the capacity of the prosecutors to identify and react on reported facts of ill-treatment during the pre-trial and trial stages;
  • Support prosecutor’s office to effectively exercise its functions and ensure good governance and protection of human rights in Georgia while carrying out criminal proceedings and combating impunity also by reducing misuse of powers by law enforcement agencies, improve the role of the defense and ensure women’s access to justice by taking into account the results of previous findings;
  • Support prosecutor’s office to build new organizational structure following the enactment of new constitution of Georgia; develop a gender-sensitive methodology on defense strategy and motion practice, cross-examination, defense ethics and legal assistance for defense lawyers;
  • Assist judiciary and prosecution to strengthen analytical functions, research and evidence based criminal policy and ensure uniformity of court practices;
  • Develop the methodologies and toolkits for conducting user satisfaction surveys and performance indicators for assessing the criminal justice system taking into account the gender perspectives.
  • Reinforce the capacity of the Prosecutor’s office in relation to international cooperation in criminal matters and facilitate mutual legal assistance and hence, accelerate the judicial process.

Increasing awareness of prosecutors on International cooperation in criminal matters

1-2 October 2020 Borjomi

In order to increase awareness of prosecutors on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters (ICCM) the Council of Europe on 1-2 October organized a seminar to discuss various modalities of ICCM. Trainer prosecutors informed their peers on networks of international cooperation- EUROJUST and...

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Start of the cascade trainings for prosecutors

24-25 September 2020 Kvareli

In order to improve the practice of prosecutors on application of pretrial measures the Council of Europe together with General Prosecutor’s Office started cascade trainings for prosecutors on article 5: the right to liberty and security of the European Convention of Human Rights. The CoE-trained...

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Second round of training-of-trainers for prosecutors on Application of pre-trial measures

9-10 July 2020 Tbilisi

On 9-10 July 2020 second round of the training-of-trainers for prosecutors on Application of pre-trial measures was organised. Training participants discussed topics related to Article 5 and 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights, such as coercive measures and alternatives to detention...

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