The main partners and beneficiaries of the Project are Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA); High School of Justice (HSOJ), Chief Prosecutor’s Office (CPO).

The main aim is to provide expertise, build competences, advocate and raise awareness among policy makers, legal professionals, law enforcement agencies and civil society organisations to enable them to:

  • fully align national legislation and bylaws on anti-discrimination, hate crimes, and hate speech as well as relevant monitoring mechanisms to the Council of Europe standards;
  • ensure their effective implementation;
  • increase public appreciation for the laws’ contribution towards democracy, human rights, peace and prosperity in the Georgian society.

Three expected results are foreseen under the project:

  1. National legislation and policies pertaining to anti-discrimination, hate crimes and hate speech and data gathering mechanisms are aligned with international standards and bylaws; disaggregated data gathered support informed decision making and policy planning
  2. There is respect for human rights and anti-discrimination standards, intercultural dialogue and full participation of national minorities and vulnerable groups as imperative to ensure democracy, peace and prosperity in Georgian society
  3. There is general awareness of human rights and anti-discrimination standards and the importance of securing these for democracy, peace and prosperity in Georgian society.

With a view to achieving these results, several activities will be implemented:

  • Expertise support to legislative review to align Criminal, Civil and Administrative law with ECRI recommendations and CoE standards
  • Support towards the setting up of a mechanism for data collection covering discrimination, hate crime and hate speech
  • Training of professionals and exchange of practices on anti-discrimination, hate speech and hate crime legislation and policies and relevant CoE standards and ECtHR case law to ensure their effective implementation
  • Raising awareness about human rights and anti-discrimination and the importance of securing these for democracy, peace and prosperity in Georgian society
  • Increasing the capacity of vulnerable groups including persons belonging to national minorities to make full use of their rights and participate in the Georgian public.

Advanced training for prosecutors on Investigation and Prosecution of Hate Crimes

27-28 September 2019 Tbilisi

On 27-28 September the Council of Europe conducted training for a specialized group of prosecutors on investigation and prosecution of hate crimes. The activity aimed at advancing the practical skills of prosecutors to efficiently investigate and prosecute hate crimes and crimes committed on...

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The third Steering Committee meeting: progress and future plans

30 September 2019 Tbilisi

The Third Steering Committee of the project “Fight against Discrimination, Hate Crime and Hate Speech in Georgia” was held in Tbilisi on 30 September 2019. The Committee members overviewed the results achieved and discussed the priority actions for the following six months. The representatives of...

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In-depth discussions on the protection of human rights in criminal proceedings

13-14 and 25-26 July Tbilisi

The Council of Europe organized series of trainings for the representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on the protection of human rights in criminal proceedings. Two groups took part in the sessions held on 13-14 July and 25-26 July. Meetings provided the opportunity to have in-depth...

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