The main partner and beneficiary of the Project are Institute for qualification and upgrading of judges, prosecutors and legal professionals, Prosecutor’s General Office, Belarusian State University, regional universities, Investigative committee.

The main impact is to let Court users in Belarus enjoy better protection of a right to a fair trial in the criminal justice sphere.

Two outcomes are foreseen under the project:

1. Increased knowledge of Belarusian legal community, including law students, on European standards in the field of criminal justice, including on issues of abolition of death penalty;

2. European standards in the field of criminal justice, including fair trial principles, are a part of the system of professional training of legal professionals.

With a view to achieving these results, several activities will be implemented:

  • Baseline data survey;
  • Thematic seminar for trainees of the Institute;
  • Preparation of a ECHR session for the Institute’s curriculum;
  • Thematic round tables, conferences or working groups in cooperation with the key stakeholders;
  • Expert round tables on the abolition of death penalty;
  • Working visit for judges and prosecutors to a CoE member state on the issue of abolition of death penalty;
  • Translation and adaptation of a HELP course;
  • Trainingof-Trainers for law faculties teaching staff;
  • Regional summer schools or camps;
  • Series of moot courts in regional universities;
  • Guest lectures in regional law faculties;
  • Preparation of 3 handbooks for legal practitioners on criminal justice matters, etc;

Project information

  • Duration: 24 months (1 January 2019 – 31 December 2020)
  • Place/ country: Belarus
  • Budget: 500 000 €
  • Funding: European Union and Council of Europe

Project documentation