Sexual education easily done: a taster for teachers

Intercultural Understanding and Diversity | Methodologies and Pedagogy PDF
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This training unit addresses teachers’ fears and tackles them with practical resources about how to pursue sexual education with children. The resource promotes a holistic approach to sexuality and focuses on the following topics: self-development, knowledge of the body, emotional growth, hygiene, gender equality, sexual diversity, prevention of sexual abuse.

Teachers who work with children aged between 3 - 12 years will find this training unit beneficial. The training unit contains collaborative activities to enhance interaction between learners and increase their engagement in the learning process.

This resource supports teachers’ ability to think about personal histories. It educates them in approaches to the topic of sexuality and building an interactive lesson around this issue.

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To cite this resource: Vinandy, N. (2015). Sexual education easily done: a taster for teachers. In Council of Europe Pestalozzi Programme Training Units.