The refugee crisis in Europe – putting solidarity to the test

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The present training unit developed within the Pestalozzi Programme focuses on the European dimension of the refugee crisis. The aim is to explore answers to the following questions: To what extent will the European Union develop into a “Fortress Europe” or live up to its founding values of human rights and solidarity? How does the rule of law relate to this controversial situation? These questions and the present materials centre around the concept of solidarity: solidarity within Europe, between nations, societies, social groups, ethnic groups and/or individuals. In the face of growing populism and misanthropy, this training unit asks the question to what extent and by whom convivencia can be protected/sustained or restored in our local school communities and beyond. The training unit consists of activities for students aged 14 to 19 and activities based on lesson observations and discussions with teachers.

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To cite this resource: Gebauer, B. (2016). The refugee crisis in Europe - Putting solidarity to the test. In Council of Europe Pestalozzi Programme Training Units.

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