Teaching 20th century Women’s History. A classroom approach.

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This resource offers teaching materials and methods focusing on the history of women during the 20th century.  In view of its vital link to democratic society, one of the aims of this teaching pack is to make the study of women a topical issue in the classroom. This teaching pack will contribute to young people’s understanding of gender equality, including the social and individual forces that have and still do push against it. The resource focuses on key elements of women’s lives in European societies of the 20th century including families, work, political participation or the role of motherhood. It offers teaching materials based on a critical hands-on approach, tasks and reflective methods, a variety of sources of the past, as well as oral history, photography and media to employ in the classroom.

The resource can be used in secondary schools as well as exemplary material during initial training as well as in-service training of history teachers working with pupils in secondary school, focusing on intercultural learning, understanding and diversity.

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To cite this resource: Tudor, Ruth (2000, June). Learning and Teaching About the History of Europe in the 20th Century. Teaching 20th century Women’s History. A classroom approach [PDF]. Strasbourg: Council of Europe Publishing

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