Prevention of stereotyping and labelling of individuals

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The training unit, developed in the Pestalozzi Programme in the Education for the prevention of discrimination (DISC) module, consists of five activities, including an assessment session for initial and in-service training.

The unit is designed in a way that empowers and enables an individual, through cooperative learning, to meet new situations with a conceptual and emotional understanding of covert discrimination, both face-to-face and in digital media, in order to act to prevent covert discrimination. 

This unit asks participants to reconsider their own understanding of the concept of discrimination and how to prevent discrimination face-to-face and in digital media. They also experience how collaborative learning can contribute to the prevention of discrimination, as well as gain knowledge about discrimination, in order to get a conceptual understanding of how groups who are stereotyped might be intimidated in their learning processes. They learn how teachers, as classroom managers, can act in order to prevent covert discrimination through collaborative learning, emotions and cognition among students, both in school and in society in general. 

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To cite this resource: Langseth, I. (2012). How to prevent stereotyping and labelling of individuals into them and us culture, thus discriminating the individual in the process? In Council of Europe Pestalozzi Programme Training Units.

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