Inclusion: what are teachers’ attitudes/feelings towards their mixed-ability students?

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The activities in this unit try to put teachers in their students’ shoes to become more aware of all the diversity in the classroom. Teachers need to realise that learners come from diverse backgrounds, possess different background knowledge, speak different languages, have different interests, different preferences in learning and different abilities and skills.

Teachers are expected to develop knowledge and awareness of stereotypes and prejudices, which they have to overcome in order to become more flexible and understand the importance of adjusting the teaching and learning process to different learners, so that it is possible to lead them all towards success. Moreover, the practical activities also provide teachers with ideas to implement in the classroom to make learners more appreciative towards diversity.

The unit, developed within the Pestalozzi Programme, can be used at initial or in-service training of teachers of secondary education.

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To cite this resource: Azzopardi, C. (2011). Inclusion: What are teachers’ attitudes/feelings towards their mixed-ability students? Council of Europe, Pestalozzi Programme Training Units.

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