Do we all have the same basic needs?

Intercultural Understanding and Diversity PDF
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Through this resource, developed within the Pestalozzi Programme, practitioners are engaged in reflecting on the basic needs of human beings, on how they can be identified and supported by the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ and, in so doing, given additional opportunities to improve their skills for logical reasoning and use of analogy.

The resource provides ideas for practitioners to tackle issues related to Human Rights through logic, analogy and active engagement in creative writing and comparative exercises. While collaborative reflection invites participants to ponder the reasons and obstacles that prevent our societies from supporting their members’ basic needs. Afterwards, practitioners can use the presented ideas and activities as guiding tools to discuss matters on Human Rights within their classrooms, with learners aged 15-18.

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To cite this resource: Askinyte-Degesiene, R. (2012). How can we use concepts and principles of ICE to change our professional practice?   In Council of Europe Pestalozzi Programme Training Units.

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