Crossroads of European histories. Multiple outlooks on five key moments of European history

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This resource offers discussion on five key moments in European history, from the perspective of different European countries and their respective scholars. The events include: the social revolutions in Europe during the 1840s, the events during 1912-13 which lead to the outbreak of World War I, the crises and changes following World War I in 1919, the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War in 1945 and the political revolutions of the 1980s.

The resource can be used during initial training as well as in-service training of history teachers working with pupils in secondary and upper-secondary schools. It provides educational professionals with a selection of papers on multiperspective approaches to key events in European history, enabling them to reflect on the opportunities and limits of teaching a non-national -but European- view of historical events.

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To cite this resource: Stradling, Robert, ed. (2006, December). Crossroads of European Histories. Multiple outlooks on five key moments in the history of Europe [PDF]. Strasbourg: The Council of Europe

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