How to teach the values of democratic citizenship to young victims of war

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This resource, which is part of the Pestalozzi Programme, aims to encourage educators, trainers and parents to promote respect for EDC's values, especially when young people begin to question the utilité́ of human rights education and à as conflict and war rage and flout these values on a daily basis. Unity gives itself the tools to remind young people of the importance and value of life by promoting a culture of life, a culture of self-development and openness to others, in other words an anti-war, anti-conflict, a culture of peace and tolerance.

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To cite this resource : Yaghi, H. (2012) Comment Enseigner Les Valeurs De Citoyenneté Démocratique Aux Jeunes Victimes De La Guerre. Conseil de l’Europe, Pestalozzi Ressources Pédagogiques.
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