The following group has contributed to the development of the LIAM website and in co-ordinating the project and planning events.

J.C. Beacco, D. Little, R. Rossner and J. Sheils also contributed to the design of the website and drafted introductory texts.

Prof. Jean-Claude BEACCO

Université de la Sorbonne nouvelle, Paris III.


General Delegation for the French language and the languages of France (DGLFLF), Ministry of Culture, Paris.

Univ.-Prof. (em.) Hans-Jürgen KRUMM

University of Vienna, German as a Foreign/ Second Language.


formerly Integrate Ireland Language & Training (IILT), Dublin.


Associate Professor emeritus of Applied Linguistics, Centre for Language and Communication Studies, Trinity College, Dublin.

Dr Lorenzo ROCCA

Centro per la Valutazione e le Certificazioni Linguistiche (CVCL), Università per Stranieri di Perugia / Chair of the ALTE SIG-LAMI group

Mr. Richard ROSSNER

Co-founder of EAQUALS and Consultant (Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality in Language Services - UK

Mr. Joseph SHEILS

Former Head of the Language Policy Division, Council of Europe, Strasbourg.

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Selection of key terms linked to short papers discussing concepts and approaches or introducing tools

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