Through this two-year project the Council of Europe will provide its expertise, particularly that of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI), for the development of independent institutions tasked with combating discrimination and promoting equality, taking into account the initiatives already carried out or planned by the Moroccan authorities. The project aims also to support the national No Hate Speech Movement, in line with Council of Europe standards and good practices on countering Hate Speech.   

Project aims include Project aims include

The project aims to strengthen the capacities of institutions and civil society to combat discrimination and promote equality, based on ECRI standards, in particular General Policy Recommendations No. 2 on Equality Bodies, No. 7 on National legislation to combat racism and racial discrimination and No.15 on Combating Hate Speech.

  • the Authority for Parity and the Fight against all Forms of Discrimination/Autorité pour la parité et la lute contre toute forme de discrimination (APALD), once its members have been designated and its structure better defined, will benefit from Council of Europe support and exchanges of experience with similar bodies in the member States;
  • support for the Human Rights Council/Conseil national des droits de l’homme on strengthening their capacity and expertise to address racism and racial discrimination;
  • support should be provided to the Ministry of Justice responsible for drafting anti-discrimination legislation and bylaws;
  • support to the continuation of the No Hate Speech movement and in particular NGO activitists.
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This project is implemented under the Council of Europe's Neighbourhood Partnership with Morocco 2018-2021 with the support of Liechtenstein, Norway and Spain.