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Fari-Khanum Sofieva

Fari-Khanum Sofieva

"A hundred years ago, when men in the village of Karajala in Georgia were drinking hot tea by the fire and women were busy with household chores, Fari-Khanum Sofieva left her mark in the world history and became the first Muslim woman to win an election.


According to various sources, Fari-Khanum competed against all Georgian political parties as an independent candidate. Her fight was finally crowned with victory - in 1918 a Muslim woman was elected to the position of MP. She was a representative of Karayaz district in Tbilisi Uyezd (Tbilisi, Gardabani, Sagarejo, Tetritskaro municipalities).


According to Rakhshanda Sofieva, who lived at the furthest end of the village, Fari-Khanum used to recite Quran at weddings and funerals and collect donations in the village. She was often invited to mediate conflicts and was often asked for advice, the village elders obeyed her word. Locals believed that arrangement of a station on the railway line for the village of Karajalari was owing to her efforts.


“She was very brave and had a different character. She used to smoke tobacco and she was a dominant figure even at all-men gatherings. She was highly respected in the village and she always used to carry her German revolver with her." - this is how she is remembered in the village.


Fari-Khanum is a clear example of how women are changing the world. And women are changing the world for the better.”