The main partners and beneficiaries of the Project are Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Russian State University of Justice, General Prosecutor’s Office and its Academy, Ministry of Justice, Penitentiary Service and its institutions of higher education and in-service training, Federal Bar Association, Kutafin Moscow State Law University, Saint-Petersburg State University, Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Association of Lawyers of Russia.

The specific objectives are: 

  • To raise awareness of Russian judiciary on fundamental European standards
  • To adapt six HELP courses to the national context of the Russian Federation and make them available for use by Russian legal professionals on the HELP platform
  • To conduct a series of kick-off launching sessions of different HELP courses carried out by certified national HELP trainers in the regions reaching over 350 legal professionals
  • Progressive inclusion of the new courses and materials into the in-service training conducted by the professional training networks (Russian State University of Justice, General Prosecutors’ office Academy, Ministry of Justice institutions of higher education, bar associations, etc.)
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