Amendments to Rule 9: Communications from international organisations or bodies - New deadlines for State responses

Rule 9 of the Rules of the Committee of Ministers for the supervision of execution has been amended as from 18 January 2017 (1275th CM meeting).
Strasbourg 20 January 2017
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The new Rule enshrines the right of international intergovernmental organisations or their bodies or agencies to address communications to the Committee of Ministers with respect to the execution of judgments and decisions of the European Court of Human Rights. It likewise entitles the Committee of Ministers to consider any communication from an institution or body allowed to intervene in the procedure before the Court, whether as of right (as the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights) or on an ad hoc basis.

New deadlines are also introduced for the circulation and publication of communications to the Committee of Ministers, equally applicable to those from international organisations and bodies, NGO’s or National Institutions for the protection of Human Rights:

 “When the State responds within five working days, both the communication and the response shall be brought to the attention of the Committee of Ministers and made public. If there has been no response within this time limit, the communication shall be transmitted to the Committee of Ministers but shall not be made public. It shall be published ten working days after notification, together with any response received within this time limit. A State response received after these ten working days shall be circulated and published separately upon receipt”.

 Amendments to the Rule 9 adopted at the 1275th CM meeting

Rules of the Committee of Ministers as amended on 18th January 2017