For genuine democracy to function, voters’ registers must be properly maintained and regularly updated through inclusive voter registration. Another essential step is to register political parties and candidates, along with election observers. This is carried out by the following bodies:

Parliamentary Assembly – Election Observation and Interparliamentary Co-operation Division:

  • Voter and candidate registration is covered during observation missions for parliamentary and presidential elections, as well as referendums.

Congress - Observation of Local and Regional Elections:

  • Voter and candidate registration is taken into account in the election observation reports and follow up reports on recurring and transversal thematic issues and post-electoral dialogue

European Commission for Democracy Through Law (Venice Commission):

  • The commission has given,guidance on good practice in publishing lists of voters having participated in elections and guidelines on the internationally recognised status of election observers.

Elections and Participatory Democracy Division:

  • The division provides training and technical assistance for domestic observer organisations.