Lessons learned from past elections are paramount for improving any new electoral cycle. Even if one election follows swiftly from the last one, there needs to be a sense of continuity and sustainable democracy.

Parliamentary Assembly – Election Observation and Interparliamentary Co-operation Division:

Congress – Observation of Local and Regional Elections:

  • Election observation reports including recommendations are approved by the Monitoring Committee and adopted at Congress plenary sessions The Congress follows up recurring and transversal thematic issues and post-electoral dialogue.

European Commission for Democracy Through Law (Venice Commission):

  • The Venice Commission organises conferences and seminars on election related themes and has published a report on election dispute resolution.

Group of States Against Corruption (GRECO):

Elections and Participatory Democracy Division:

  • The division develops and implement co-operation projects and/or activities aiming at addressing recommendations from the Assembly, Congress, Venice Commission and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE/ODIHR). It produces studies, toolkits and carries out research on electoral trends and runs the Council of Europe Compendium of Electoral Data (ElecData).

Directorate of Democratic Participation, Youth Department:

  • The directorate organises research and knowledge sharing for young people to strengthen youth civil society, democratic citizenship and youth partnership participation.

Anti-Discrimination Department, Steering Committee on Anti-Discrimination, Diversity and Inclusion (CDADI):

  • The department has published a study on the obstacles that face young people from national minorities during elections and the opportunities that exist for them to get involved.