13 July 1950

Accession of Germany to the Council of Europe

  August 1950

Second Session of the Consultative Assembly

Winston Churchill makes several interventions. He tables a motion (Doc.47) on the creation of a European Army. The text is adopted (Recommendation 52 (1950)). "This... was the most important decision yet taken by the Consultative Assembly. It reflected the state of disquiet which prevailed in Europe". (Spaak: "The continuing battle", p.217).

The Committee of Ministers replies (Resolution (50) 48) that defence matters do not fall within its competence.

  Text of the debate on the European Army, 11 August 1950 (opens new window)

  Assembly Recommendation 52 (1950) (opens new window)

  Committee of Ministers Resolution (50) 48 (opens new window)