It seems important to find ways of reaching school leaders and convincing them of the need to establish policies, including responsible use and digital citizenship guidelines, for the safe, legal and ethical use of digital information and technology within the class environment.  School management will be responsible for leading a common understanding of the programme in non-formal and informal contexts, with a shared vision as well as developing understanding with parents. Obviously, schools must have the means of performing their role of educating citizens on how to use new technologies responsibly and ethically, beneath the relevant laws defining the guidelines and behaviours in online and offline environments.

Implication for Policy or Practice

Publications on school management should be the basis for the professional preparation of school principals, particularly in the field of personal data protection aimed at presenting the key issues related to the data controller’s role and proper personal data processing in schools as an element of good management of the institution.

Policies and adequate safeguards should be put in place regarding the use of management information systems and virtual learning environments commonly integrated in schools nowadays.