The purpose of the review of existing literature on the concept of digital citizenship was to take stock of existing academic and policy literature on DCE, highlighting contributions in terms of definitions, actors and stakeholders, competence frameworks and practices, and identify emerging trends and challenges, primarily within the context of the member states of the Council of Europe, while noting other international contributions that have advanced the subject.

The result of this work has been published as Volume 1 of the Digital Citizenship Education Series: Literature Overview.

The corpus of literature reviewed consists of documents produced between 2000 and 2017 and includes:

  • Peer-reviewed Scholarly Literature
  • UN and other intergovernmental guidelines and frameworks for Digital Citizenship
  • Other official resources including national policies, guidelines and frameworks for Digital Citizenship
  • Literature generated by civil society organisations/grey literature

The reason for inclusion of a wide selection of sources was to ensure sufficient coverage of what is an emergent topic that has yet to gain a strong foothold in either educational or academic literature but has received wider policy attention.

The overview is organised into following sections:

Section 1 addresses the core concept of Digital Citizenship.

Section 2 describes the relationships between Digital Citizenship Education national policies and the role of industry.

Section 3 examines Digital Citizenship as a “sense-making” practice and examines how digital culture has shaped the notion of good practices in the sense of practices that aim at long-term experiential strategies, which address specific needs and which contribute to defining participatory and inclusive approaches to digital citizenship education.

Section 4 looks at emerging trends and considers how the different approaches towards Digital Citizenship Education prioritise social literacy elements.

Section 5 outlines the main challenges and new perspectives that emerge from the literature review and that impact on the further development of the Digital Citizenship Education Project.

Section 6 outlines the next steps to advance the Digital Citizenship Education Project.