Strengthening the capacities of criminal justice authorities in Albania to investigate, prosecute and adjudicate terrorist financing (Durrës, Albania, 16-17 May 2019)

Albanian auditors are provided with training on the audit and verification of political party and election campaign finances (Vlora, Albania, 2 - 3 May 2019)

Albania begins updating the National AML/CFT Risk Assessment (Tirana, Albania, 24 April 2019)

Advice to Albanian authorities on establishment of a Registry of Beneficial Ownership (Tirana, Albania, 12-13 March 2019)

Strengthen the criminal justice capacities on “Investigation, Prosecution and Adjudication of Money Laundering” in Albania (Durrës, Albania 6-8 February 2019)

Third training on “Asset tracing and identification for purposes of seizure and confiscation in a criminal case” (Korçë, Albania, 8-9 January 2019)


Steering Committee meeting of the Action against Economic Crime in Albania (Tirana Albania, 12 December 2018)

Working Group Sessions on the development of an AR and AM Strategy (Durres, Albania, 5-6 November 2018)

Supporting the reform on political party finances and the oversight mechanism in Albania through peer exchange with French and Belgian authorities (Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium, 10-12 July 2018)

Training for Albanian supervisory authorities on AML (Vlorë, Albania, 7-8 June 2018)

Staff of the Albanian Central Election Commission, financial experts and auditors trained on using audit report template ( Tirana, Albania, 23 February 2018)

Conference on “Electoral reform in Albania” (Tirana, Albania, 6 February 2018)


Supporting Albania in developing a National Asset Recovery Strategy (Tirana, Albania, 21 November 2017)

Council of Europe supports the capacities and awareness of supervisors on risk-based approach to Money laundering and Financing of Terrorism (Tirana, Albania, 18-19 September 2017)

Roundtable discussions on “Monitoring election campaign funding”   (Tirana, Albania, 14 September 2017)          

Roundtable on the implementation of a new electronic system for the High Inspectorate for Declaration and Audit of Assets and Conflict of Interest (HIDAACI) (Tirana, Albania, 13 September 2017)