Details of Treaty No.135

Anti-Doping Convention
Title Anti-Doping Convention
Reference ETS No.135
Opening of the treaty Strasbourg, 16/11/1989  - Treaty open for signature by the member States, the other States Parties to the European Cultural Convention, the non-member States which have participated in its elaboration and for accession by the other non-member States
Entry into Force 01/03/1990  - 5 Ratifications including 4 member States.

The Convention lays down binding rules with a view to harmonising anti-doping regulations, in particular:

  • making it harder to obtain and use banned substances such as anabolic steroids;
  • assisting the funding of anti-doping tests;
  • establishing a link between the strict application of anti-doping rules and awarding subsidies to sports organisations or individual sportsmen and sportswomen;
  • regular doping control procedures during and outside competitions, including in other countries.

The Convention contains a reference list of banned substances. A monitoring group specially set up for this purpose periodically re-examines this list and monitors the application of the Convention.

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