The situation of migrants in Europe has deteriorated, marked by push-backs, deaths, poor reception conditions and restrictive policies. The Commissioner focuses on improving the rights of migrants in line with states’ obligations under human rights law, including access to asylum and essential services.


National human rights structures play a key role in addressing the impacts of artificial intelligence on human rights

“Effective and independent national human rights structures are guardians of human rights at the national level in the member states and key partners for me. They play a crucial role in the prevention, mitigation, and oversight of the human rights impacts of AI systems”, said the Commissioner at the occasion of an exchange of views with national human rights structures of Council of Europe member states organised by her Office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  full article

Protecting the Defenders: Ending repression of human rights defenders assisting refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Europe (2024)

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Pushed beyond the limits: Four areas of urgent action to end human rights violations at Europe's borders (2022)

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A distress call for human rights. The widening gap in migrant
protection in the Mediterranean (2021)

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Lives saved. Rights protected. (2019)

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Realising the right to family reunification of refugees in Europe (2017)

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