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Commissioner Hammarberg in Georgia: detainees released

Strasbourg, 03/12/2009 – Two detained teenagers were released on Wednesday after intervention by Thomas Hammarberg in Tskhinvali. Two other minors will be freed within the coming days according to a pledge given to the Commissioner. The boys had crossed the administrative borderline from Georgia in early November and were tried on charges of illegal entry carrying weapons. The Commissioner could also ensure the release of five older South Ossetians from the Georgian city of Gori.

"There are more cases on each side which must result in releases", said the Commissioner in a first comment. "There are also several cases of persons missing, the fate of whom must be seriously investigated - among them three young Ossetians who were photographed in captivity in October last year and have since disappeared. All such cases must now be clarified", said Thomas Hammarberg.