Back Kramatorsk: Those responsible for the terrible loss of civilian life must be held accountable

credit: Ukrainian authority

credit: Ukrainian authority

For dozens of civilians who waited at the railway station in Kramatorsk this morning, hoping to evacuate from areas at risk of attacks by the Russian forces, the journey to safety ended in a bloodbath as the station’s grounds were struck by ballistic missiles. Hundreds more were reportedly wounded by the attack, and many are now desperately fighting for their lives in local hospitals.

This latest strike on a densely populated urban area of Ukraine is yet another demonstration of the blatant disregard for civilian life, which has by now sadly become a steady feature of this military aggression. My thoughts are with all the victims of this abhorrent act – women, men, children, and older persons – whose lives were brutally cut short as they were trying to reach safety.

Those responsible for serious violations of human rights, such as the attack in Kramatorsk, must be held accountable. Such attacks may also constitute war crimes under international humanitarian law. All those who wish to leave areas affected by or at risk of hostilities must be able to do so safely.

Rome 08/04/2022
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