Datavisualisation of AI initiatives


Non-exhaustive data collection by the Secretariat. Database in open data: Click here to access to the database


This datavisualisation brings together more than 450 documents related to artificial intelligence, coming from national authorities, the private sector, international organisations or multi-stakeholder initiatives.

The "bubbles" on the upper right-hand side allow you to filter according to the source of the documents. Clicking on national authorities will only display information relating to that source, such as distribution by publication date or simply the descriptive list.

On the left side, the rectangles, whose size is proportional to the number of documents, are also clickable. Here, for example, Germany can be selected to "filter" information about this state from the entire graphical representation. The list of documents is automatically updated, and can be accessed directly by clicking on the title.

Clicking on the light blue bubble, which represents the international organisations, it is clear that the Council of Europe, together with the European Union, the OECD and UNESCO, are among the most productive organisations in the field. Clicking on the rectangle representing the Council of Europe updates the entire datavisualisation with data relating to the organisation.