Back Webinar: Managing AI risks: national and International initiatives

Webinar: Managing AI risks: national and International initiatives

AI offers tremendous benefits and also presents real risks such as bias and discrimination, with some of them already materialising as harms to individuals and society.

The development of trustworthy AI systems requires to assess impacts and manage AI risks.

Global demand is growing for risk-based approaches and impact assessments to facilitate accountability throughout the AI system lifecycle.

At the same time, interoperability between emerging frameworks and standards is desirable.

This calls for cooperation and coordination between domestic and international state and non-state actors developing standards and frameworks, ultimately making AI trustworthy.

On Wednesday 11 January 2023 13:00 to 14:00 CET the Secretariat of the Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI) is holding a webinar organised with the kind and generous support of the Government of Japan. It will take place on the margins of the Third Plenary meeting of the CAI. It is thematically linked to the examination of the draft Council of Europe Convention on AI, Human rights, Democracy and the Rule of law and the risk and impact assessment methodology (HUDERIA) which will be discussed at that meeting.

The event brings together experts from across the world to discuss the challenges of developing international (EU Commission, OECD, UNESCO) and national (Canada, Japan, UK, the USA) risk and impact management frameworks as well as the challenges of making them mutually interoperable.


Mr Sebastian Hallensleben (CEN CENELEC)


Mr Omar Bitar (the Treasury Board of Canada)

Ms Doaa Abu Elyounes (UNESCO)

Professor Arisa Ema (University of Tokyo, Japan)

Mr Kilian Gross (the European Commission, DG Connect)

Professor David Leslie (Alan Turing Institute, UK)

Ms Elham Tabassi (NIST, the USA)

Ms Karine Perset (OECD)

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Towards an application of AI based on human rights, the rule of law and democracy