Back AI&Law Webinar #10: “I’m not a robot”

AI&Law Webinar #10: “I’m not a robot”

The AI and Law webinars, co-organised by the Council of Europe and the University of Strasbourg (UMR DRES), are regular meetings open to a wide public, public decision-makers, officials from international organisations and national administrations and academics, whose aim is to measure the stakes of subjects at the frontiers of digital techniques and the practice of law.

This webinar is dedicated to the generalisation of deepfakes (or cheapfakes) and the automatic creation of textual content, such as GPT-3.

Surprising, playful, but also opening up the possibility of an industrialisation of disinformation, these technologies have largely been treated separately in the generalist media. Their combination is more rarely studied, and the possibility to create easily such content leads to risk of invasion of public space, including social networks.

Are these fears overestimated? What are the technical answers to filter such contents? What are the legal responses? This webinar will present practical and concrete examples of these technologies and will enable a panel of experts to discuss the important issues at stake, such as data protection, the fight against cybercrime and the fight against disinformation.


  • Sebastian Hallensleben, Ph.D., VDE e. V., Head of Digitalisation and Artificial Intelligence, Germany
  • Karen Melchior, Member of the European Parliament, Denmark
  • Pavel Gladyshev, Ph.D., Assoc. professor at the University College Dublin, Ireland

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Strasbourg 21/05/2021
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Towards an application of AI based on human rights, the rule of law and democracy