Action against Terrorism



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In its final report of activities the Multidisciplinary Group on International Action against Terrorism (GMT) identified a number of priority areas for action by the Council of Europe against terrorism:
- research on the concepts of apologie du terrorisme and incitement to terrorism;
- special investigation techniques;
- protection of witnesses and collaborators of justice;
- international co-operation on law enforcement;
- action to prevent terrorists from accessing funding sources;
- questions of identity documents which arise in connection with terrorism.

The 24th and 25th Conferences of European Ministers of Justice, held respectively in Moscow (2001) and Sofia (2003) identified additional priority areas, namely:
- protection, support and compensation of victims of terrorist acts;
- assessment of the effectiveness of national judicial systems in their responses to terrorism;
- support for the upgrading of member states legislative and institutional counter-terrorism capacities - technical co-operation;
- country profiles on counter-terrorism capacity.

The CODEXTER - which replaced the GMT in 2003 - coordinates the implementation of activities in the above-mentioned priority areas.

In 2005, the CODEXTER identified the following additional priority areas:
- young persons as terrorist offenders and targets of terrorist propaganda;
- cyberterrorism and misuse of the Internet for terrorist purposes;
- insurance schemes to cover terrorism-related damages;
- denial of residence to foreign terrorists;
- combating and preventing terrorism through culture.

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