The decision on admissibility in the case Centre on Housing rights and Evictions (COHRE) v. France is public

[04/02/2011]  In the complaint COHRE v. France (no. 63/2010), the complainant organisation alleges that evictions and expulsions of Roma families from their homes and from France during the summer 2010 constitute a violation of the Revised Social Charter. The articles cited in the complaint are Articles 16 (right of the family to social, legal and economic protection), Article 31 (right to housing) and Article 198 (guarantees concerning expulsion). The complainant organisation further argues that the facts at stake constitute discrimination in the enjoyment of the above mentioned rights (Article E).

In its decision, the Committee observes that the complaint concerns Articles 16, 198, 31 and E of the Revised Charter, provisions accepted by France when it ratified this treaty on 7 May 1999 and to which it is bound since the entry into force of this treaty in its respect on 1 July 1999.

The Committee notes that, COHRE is an international non-governmental organisation with participative status with the Council of Europe, which is included in the list, established by the Governmental Committee, of international non-governmental organisations that are entitled to lodge complaints before the Committee.

The Committee also decides , in accordance with Rule 26 in fine of its Rules and in view of the seriousness of the allegations, to give precedence to this complaint and thus sets time limits for the proceedings which will not be extended.

Decision on admissiblity

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