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three completed projects fully financed by the European Commission:

· MOLI-RU in the Russian Federation (February 2003 – June 2005), fully financed by the European Commission
· MOLI-UA in Ukraine (February 2003 – June 2005), fully financed by the European Commission
· MOLI-MK in "the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" (June 2004 - May 2006) – fully financed by the European Agency for Reconstruction.
· MOLI-RU Policy Advice in the Russian Federation (November 2005 – October 2006) – co-financed by the European Commission and the Council of Europe

Major Activities

International meeting on terrorist financing (5-6 October 2004, Moscow)

[1 October 2004, Strasbourg] Strengthening cooperation against terrorist financing was the objective of an international meeting in Moscow on 5 and 6 October 2004. It brought together experts of more than 30 financial intelligence units from Europe and central Asia as well as a range of international organisations. The event was organised by the Russian Federal Service for Financial Monitoring with the support of the Project Against Money Laundering in the Russian Federation (MOLI-RU) – a project funded by the European Commission and implemented by the Council of Europe.

The issue of terrorist financing moved higher on the international agenda following the tragic events of September 2001. In October 2001, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) adopted eight special recommendations on terrorist financing:

1. Take immediate steps to ratify and implement the relevant United Nations instruments
2. Criminalise the financing of terrorism, terrorist acts and terrorist organisations
3. Freeze, seize and confiscate terrorist assets
4. Report suspicious transactions linked to terrorism
5. Provide the widest possible range of assistance to other countries’ law enforcement and regulatory authorities for terrorist financial investigations
6. Impose anti-money laundering requirements on money remittance systems, including informal value transfer systems
7. Strengthen customer identification measures in international and domestic wire transfers; and,
8. Ensure that entities, in particular non-profit organisations, cannot be misused to finance terrorism.

Measures against terrorist financing form an important part of the Council of Europe’s approach against terrorism *. In terms of standard setting, work on a new treaty is currently underway to update the Convention on Laundering, Search, Seizure and Confiscation of Proceeds from Crime. Provisions on terrorist financing are envisaged in this new treaty.

MONEYVAL – the Council of Europe’s anti-money laundering monitoring mechanism – is evaluating compliance of 27 European countries also with international standards against terrorist financing. MONEYVAL report of July 2004 noted that over the past two years, most countries had made considerable progress in the implementation of the FATF’s special recommendations.

The meeting in Moscow was a first step to support countries now also through capacity building measures. It was intended to:

· help practitioners of financial intelligence units develop links and exchange information on terrorist financing with counterparts of other countries
· identify good practice in dealing with terrorist financing and help remove obstacles to effective cooperation
· determine needs and opportunities for international support to national strategies against terrorist financing.

The Moscow meeting was the starting point for more comprehensive technical cooperation programmes in this area.

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