Action against economic crime

TYEC: Project on Ethics for the Prevention of Corruption in Turkey

Council of Europe Expert's Presentations and Technical Papers

The views expressed in these documents are those of the authors' own and do not necessarily reflect official position or the view of the Council of Europe and European Union.

Workshops and Conference on Developments on Legislative and Judicial Ethics

Yolsuzlukla Mücadele Stratejisi Çalışmaları (in Turkish), Yuksel Yilmaz

Yozlaşmanın Önlenmesi ve Kamu Hizmetinde Kalitenin Aracı Olarak Etik (in Turkish), Ömer Atalar

International Experience on Legislative Ethics, GOPAC Overview, John Williams

Karşılaştırmalı Yasama Etiği Çalışmaları (Comparative Legislative Ethics) (in Turkish), Doc. Dr. Omer Faruk Genckaya

Türkiye’de Yasama Etiği Çalışmaları ve Öneriler (in Turkish), Dr .Cüneyt Yüksel, MP

UN Work on Legislative Ethics, Stuart Gilman

Yargı Etiğinin Teorik Çerçevesi ve Uygulamaya Yansımaları, Doc. Dr. Muhammet Ozekes

International Experience on Judicial Ethics, Nihal Jayawickrama

Follow-up on Ethics Training, 17 December 2008

The changing Ethical context in Turkey and issues relating to corruption (in Turkish), Prof. Dr. Umit Berkman

The law and procedures about ethical administration in Turkey: Why ethical issues emerge? (in Turkish), Doc. Dr. Ugur Omurgonulsen

Public administration and Ethics: Lessons to learn from private sector (in Turkish), Doc. Dr. Semra Ascigil

Public Ethics in Practice (in Turkish), Prof. Dr. Inayet Aydin

Study visit, 9-13 June 2008

Committee on Standards in Public Life - National Oversight of UK public Sector: The Impact of the Committee, Charles Ramsden

Standards in Public Office Commission, Brian McKevitt

Ethics in Public Office in Ireland, Paul E Murphy

Standards in Public Offices Commission - Regulation Political Donations and Election Spending, Aidan Moore

Conference on International standards on the Principals of Ethics, 27 May 2008

The Project- Linking Issues to Reform, Alan Doig

Implementing Ethics in Practice: The English Experience, Gary Hickey

Etik Egitiminin Uygulamadaki Onemi (in Turkish), Inayet Aydin

The Adoption of the Ethics Framework in EU Member States, Timo Moilenen

Türk Kamu Yonetiminin Etik Alt Yapısı (in Turkish), Ugur Omurgonulsen

Start-up Conference, 7 February 2008

Presentation on Building an Integrity Framework, Experiences of OECD countries, János Bertók

Presentation on Preventing Corruption and Strengthening Ethics in Central and Local
, Dr. Jean-Pierre Bueb

Türkiye de Etik Kamu yönetiminin hukuki ve kurumsal yapιsı Doç. Dr. Uğur Ömürgönülşen (Presentation in Turkish)

Presentation on Ethics for the Prevention of Corruption in Turkey, Prof. Coskun Can Aktan

Yolsuzluğun önlenmesi için Etik projesi, Kamu Görevlileri Etik Kurulu (Presentation in Turkish)

Technical Papers

Technical Paper: Current Procedures and Possible future work of the Council of Ethics, Alain Doig, January 2008

Working Paper: Code for the Legislature, Alain Doig, January 2008

Working Paper: A Judicial Code of Conduct, Alain Doig, January 2008

Review of the Council of Ethics for Public Service, Alain Doig and David Watt, January 2008

Technical Paper: Revising the Code of Institutional Responsibilities, Alain Doig, April 2008

Technical Paper: Proposed Terms of Reference for Draft Tender specification for the Research Studies, Alain Doig, April 2008

Complaints: Guide to Possible Inquiry Procedures (Report for the Council of Ethics for Public Service, Alain Doig, June 2008