Action against economic crime

RUCOLA-2: Development of Legislative and Other Measures for the Prevention of Corruption in the Russian Federation

Council of Europe
Conseil de l’Europe
European Union
Union Européenne

The overall objective of this Project was to facilitate the efficient implementation of the United Nations Convention against Corruption (ratified by Russia in March 2006) and the Council of Europe’s Criminal Law Convention on Corruption (ratified by Russia in July 2006).

The Project focused primarily on the elaboration of preventive, pro-active measures against corruption such as verifying legislation in force with respect to corruption opportunities it creates and elaborating proposals for a national anti-corruption strategy.

A multi-disciplinary team of Russian and international Project experts developed a set of recommendations and legislative proposals that were made available to the Project partner.

The results of the project are presented in the final report both in English and in Russian. The reports and proposals made by international and national experts in the framework of the project are put together in the appendices to the final narrative report.

Project Activities

RUCOLA 2: Project Final Report

Final narrative report
English | Russian

Appendices to the Final narrative report
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RUCOLA: New Publications under RUCOLA 1 and RUCOLA 2 Projects


Publication of the Results of the RUCOLA 1 project (Russian)

Publication of the Results of the RUCOLA 2 project (Russian)

Project’s description of the operation
Proposed timetable of activities (June 2006 – May 2007)
Relevant Russian legislation
Project Summary
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Inception report
Progress report 1
Progress report 2
Final report
Первичный отчёт
Квартальный отчёт №1
Квартальный отчёт №2
Заключительный отчет
United Nations Convention against Corruption
Конвенция Организации Объединенных Наций против коррупции
Council of Europe Criminal Law Convention
Конвенция об уголовной ответственности за коррупцию

Publication on the results of the RUCOLA 1 project (Russian)
Publication on the results of the RUCOLA 2 project (Russian)

EC Delegation in Moscow
The Anti-corruption Commission
 of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly
Transparency International Russia
“Protiv Korruptsii” (Against Corruption)
Radio Rossia
Russian Analytical Digest

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