Action against economic crime

Project "Support to Prosecutor's Network in South-Eastern Europe" (PROSECO): Activities in 2010

High-level Round Table meeting ďCombating Corruption in South-Eastern Europe: Contemporary ChallengesĒ (17 June 2010, Belgrade)

[28 May 2010, Strasbourg] This meeting is organised at the special request of the Republic Public Prosecutor of Serbia: the need to combat corruption has been recognised as one of the main political priorities in the country.

The event will gather several chief prosecutors from different countries of South-Eastern Europe along with senior prosecutors and senior representatives of the law enforcement of Serbia. The purpose of the meeting is to look at corruption as a global challenge requiring a global response, in particular through the prism of the work of prosecutors

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Regional Thematic Conference on Witness Protection (8-9 June 2010, Montenegro)

[28 May 2010, Strasbourg]
This event will be dedicated to the review of progress in the field of witness protection made by the project areas since signature of the Regional Strategy on Tools Against Organised and Economic Crime in 2005 (Brijuni Strategy). It will also discuss models for regional and international co-operation in the field of witness protection and exchange of witnesses with respect to South-Eastern Europe. It is expected that the participants of the conference will formulate a number of recommendations for further improvement of regional mechanisms for witness protection and future action.

This event concludes the series of four regional thematic trainings organised for all project areas and dedicated to key issues relevant to the regional and international co-operation of prosecutors dealing with organised crime and other types of serious crime.

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Internship for prosecutors in Germany (31 May Ė 4 June 2010, Berlin, Hanover and Celle)

[28 May 2010, Strasbourg] This internship is organised in co-operation with the Federal Ministry of Justice of Germany and the Prosecutorís Offices of Hanover and Celle (Lower Saxony).

During this one-week internship a group of 21 prosecutors from all project areas will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the set-up of prosecution services in Germany dealing with serious and organised crime, as well as with the practice of international co-operation in criminal matters in this country.

This is the third (and last) in the series of three internships for prosecutors from Western Balkans organised within the framework of the project.

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Round Table on the legal framework and best practices of organised crime control (26 May 2010, Skopje)

[20 May 2010, Strasbourg] This meeting is organised in co-operation with the Public Prosecutorís Office for Combating Organized Crime and the Academy for Training of Judges and Public Prosecutors.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and clarify the definitions of 'organised crime', 'organised criminal group' (its distinction from complicity) on the basis of international criminal law, to get a comparative review of the meaning of these terms in the law of different countries, to discuss the implication of these phenomena for the work of prosecutors and judges, the importance of these notions for the international co-operation between judges and prosecutors.

Participants will be judges and prosecutors of all levels.

4th Project Steering Committee Meeting (27 April 2010, Tirana, Albania) 

[22 April 2010, Strasbourg] The objectives of the meeting are: to review the process of project implementation to date, revise and update the work plan and review the needs of the project areas not met by the current project (with the view to setting up a follow-up project).

It is expected that the meeting will adopt the final work plan of activities until the end of the project (16 July 2010) and agree on measures required to ensure that the objectives are met.

Project Contact Persons from the 7 project areas, representatives of the Council of Europe, representative of the European Commission, representative of the Ministry of Justice of Italy are taking part in the activity.

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9th Enlarged Meeting of Prosecutorsí Network: Conference on the Future of the Network (26 April 2010, Tirana, Albania) 

[22 April 2010, Strasbourg] The aim of this Conference is to identify new axes for the future development of the Network, to examine ways to strengthen cooperation with EUROJUST, the European Judicial Network (EJN) and SEEPAG, to reinforce the role of the Network in the International Law Enforcement Cooperation Units (ILECUs).

In addition, it should seek to reveal its unused potential, propose sustainable solutions to be explored and identify and discuss possible new tasks for the Prosecutorsí Network. It is expected that participants of the Conference will adopt Conclusions indicating possible directions for the future development of the Network as well as the areas where further international technical assistance is required. Representatives of the project areas as well as other regional and European networking initiatives (such SEEPAG, RCC, EJN, EUROJUST) are participating in the conference.

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Training workshop on International co-operation in investigating and prosecuting organized crime and other forms of serious crime: international legal instruments (13-14 April 2010, Tirana, Albania)

[12 April 2010, Strasbourg] The Council of Europe is organising in co-operation with the Ministry of Justice of Albania a training workshop on the practical application of international legal instruments related to the extradition and recognition of foreign judgments in criminal matters. The target audience of the activity includes representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the General Prosecutorís Office, courts, the Judicial Police, the School of Magistrates and the Advocacy Office of Albania.

Agenda: English / Albanian

8th Meeting of Prosecutors' Network (25 January 2010, Rome)

[20 January 2010, Strasbourg] The 8th Meeting of the Prosecutors' Network of Western Balkans will be dedicated to the matter of exchanging data on criminal proceedings. In fact, the Convention on Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters and its Additional Protocols clearly provide for the exchange of such data between ministries of justice. However, it appears that this information is not shared with prosecutorís offices. The meeting will therefore discuss examples of good practice from European countries, the various approaches in the project areas to this complex issue and possible ways of closing the existing gaps. Participants of this meeting will be: national contact points of Prosecutorsí Network and project contact persons from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" and Kosovo*, representatives of the European Commission and the Council of Europe.

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Signature of the amended Memorandum of Understanding (25 January 2010, Rome)

[20 January 2010, Strasbourg] Chief prosecutors of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" will meet on 25 January in Rome to sign the amended Memorandum of Understanding for Regional Co-operation against Organised Crime and Other Forms of Serious Crime. The initial memorandum was signed on 30 March 2005 in Skopje and marked the establishment of the Prosecutorsí Network; it provided vital basic elements for strengthening cross-border co-operation in fighting organised crime. The revised Memorandum broadens the scope of prosecutorial co-operation between the project areas by including other forms of serious crime. The new text of the Memorandum also aims at making direct contacts between the prosecution services of the project areas easier and faster; it is expected to have a positive impact on the day-to-day cooperation between the signatories. Furthermore, it includes explicit references to the relevant European legal instruments in the field, thus promoting the establishment of a common terminology and standards, facilitating the process of harmonisation of the national legislation on criminal procedure. It is expected that the new Memorandum will help to ensure sustainability of the Network and to establish synergies with other similar networks. The ceremony will take place in Rome. Representatives of the Ministry of Justice of Italy, a partner of the project; representatives of the European Commission and the Council of Europe will also attend.

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Signed Memorandum of Understanding: English / Albanian / Bosnian / Croatian / Macedonian / Montenegrin / Serbian
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Meeting of Prosecutors' Network and of SEEPAG Contact Points (16 January 2009, Strasbourg)

[12 January 2009, Strasbourg] Within the project PROSECO Contact Persons and SEEPAG Contact Point took place with the aim to assess the existing prosecutorial co-operation networks, scope of their competences, legal frameworks for their co-operation, to update lists and contact details of contact points and to discuss about possible ways to streamline activities with the aim of increasing the effectiveness.

List of participants and the list of contact points

Steering Committee Meeting (15 January 2009, Strasbourg)

[12 January 2009, Strasbourg] The second meeting of the project "Support to Prosecutors' Network in South Eastern Europe" gathered project's contact persons from the General Prosecutor's Offices and Ministries of Justice from seven project areas, representatives from the project's implementation partner the Ministry of Justice of Italy and the Council of Europe. The purpose of the meeting was to assess the project's achievements in first eight months of its implementation, to update the workplan and define current priorities of the counterpart institutions.

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