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A priority for the Council of Europe

The Council of Europe schools of political studies were established to train future generations of political, economic, social and cultural leaders in countries in transition. With the participation of national and international experts, they run annual series of seminars and conferences on topics such as European integration, democracy, human rights, the rule of law and globalisation. The first School of Political Studies was created in Moscow in 1992 by a group of civil society activists seeking to promote democratic values. Since then, 19 other schools have been set up along the same lines; a genuine network now covering the whole of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, as well as some countries in the Southern Mediterranean region. (Read more)


1st International Meeting of the Alumni of Schools of Political Studies

'Harnessing young people’s potential for building a democratic future’ was the main topic of the meeting, which gathered distinguished SPS alumni, coming from more than twenty countries, addressed two thematics: ‘The marginalisation of today’s young generation: Is the pact between the generations broken?’ and ‘Can young people bring about an agreed set of common values for the future?’ .The seminar ended with a brainstorming round table on the development of the Schools’ Network, in particular its alumni dimension. The outcomes of the discussions are expected to be of use to the participants in their respective professional or activist functions, as well as to the 2014 session of the World Forum for Democracy which will be organised by the Council of Europe in early November on the theme ‘From participation to influence: can youth revitalise democracy?’. )
Programme of the meeting

A newly-created School in Instanbul


On 3 April, in the margins of the meeting of the Directors of the Schools of Political Studies, in Venice,  a Partnership Agreement was signed between the Council of Europe and the European School of Politics in Istanbul, which formalised the creation of a new School in Istanbul.

The European School of Politics in Istanbul is the 20th School to be created since the beginning of this network which started with the Moscow School in 1992.

(Read article in Schools newsletter)


The sixth edition of the Newsletter (April) is now available.  It is also possible to subscribe ! (please click here)


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This quarterly Newsletter provides up-to-date information on the activities of the Network of the Schools of Political Studies. It should serve as a tool for the Schools themselves, but also provide useful information to friends and supporters of the Schools. It forms an element of the Council of the Europe Strategy for the Schools of Political Studies which aims to reinforce their visibility and their impact. Read fifth edition,  fourth edition (January 2014),  third edition (July 2013), second edition (March 2013)  and first edition (November 2012).

Spring meeting of the Directors of the Schools of Political Studies

The Spring meeting of the Directors of the Schools of Political Studies took place in Venice on 3-4 April.

The meeting, which was devoted to information and exchange of views about the implementation of decisions taken at previous meetings, gathered the Directors of the Schools as well as representatives of  2 future Schools: The European School of Politics in Istanbul and the Greek School of Political Studies.

At this occasion, a Partnership Agreement was signed between the Council of Europe and the European School of Politics in Istanbul, which formalised the creation of a new School in Istanbul.

The meeting also included a workshop on "Gender mainstreaming in the Schools: current situation and perspectives", which led to numerous exchanges amongst the Schools Directors.

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The Schools of Political Studies at the 2nd World Forum for Democracy (23-29.11.2013)

See specific programme of events;  Interviews with Schools participants; Forum photo gallery; Link to World Forum web site, Synopses of regional meetings



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Meetings of the Network of the Schools

Seminars organised by the Schools since March 2014
(more activities listed in online calendar)

  • Belarus:
    • first 2014 session of the East European School of Political Studies, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, 25-27 April
    •  second 2014 session of the East European School of Political Studies, 7-11 June, European Youth Centre Budapest, Transformations in Countries of Visegrad 4: Lessons for Belarus
  • Bulgaria:
    • Course 4 seminar "Bulgaria in the EU - Principles of Good Governance", Pravetz, Bulgaria, 12-16 March
    • Summer Academy for strengthening democracy by means of cultural diplomcy: experience sharing among Schools of Political Studies of Bulgaria, Tunisia and Morroco, 4-8 June 2014
  • Croatia: First seminar of the annual programme on "citizens, society and politics in modern democracies", Makarska, Croatia, 14-16 March
  • Georgia : national seminar "Political culture before the local elections', Gudauri, Georgia, 30 April - 2 May
  • Moldova:
    • First international seminar on 'Democracy and Good Governance in Moldova - Current situation and main trends', Chisinau, 14-16 March
    • Effective Democracy, Efficient Governance and Functional Market Economy - The Outcomes of Successful Transition, Chisinau, 13-15 June
  • Montenegro: Seminar on 'Towards responsible institutions", Podgorica, Montenegro, 22 May - Oslo, Norway 29 May-3 June
  • Romania:
    • Seminar on "Preparing the elites for communication in the public space", Paltinis, Romania, 5-8 June
    •  First seminar of the 10th edition of the "Ovidiu Sincai' European School on "Politics and society in a European Democracy, Mahmudia, Romania, 17-20 July
    • Seminar on "Challenges of the crisis for Europe", Odorheiu Secuiesc Romania, 13-16 March
  • Serbia: First National seminar 2014, Palic, Serbia, 5-8 June
  • Russian Federation:
    • Federal Alumni seminar on "Civics as responsible freedom", 23-25 April, Golitsyno, Moscow Region
    • Federal seminars on "Law, politics, economy, mass media", Golitsyno 8-14 June, and 27 July-2 August
  • "the former Yugoslaw Republic of Macedonia":
    • First seminar on "Elections and campaigns: theory and good practices', 21-23 March, Kavadarci, "the former Yugoslaw Republic of Macedonia"
    • Skopje
    • Second Seminar on "EU Enlargement and the Balkans", 9-11 May, Skopje
    • Forum on the future of liberal democracy, Europe and the Balkans 6-8th June, 2014, Skopje
  • Ukraine:
    • First Seminar of the South-East Special Course of the Ukrainian School for Political Studies, 15-20 July
    • USPS Second National Seminar, Lviv, Ukraine, 5-8 June
    • USPS First National Seminar, Kyiv, Ukraine, 24-27 April
  • Visegrad School:
    • Second seminar, Prague, Czech Republic, 28-30 May
    • Specialist seminar on judicial cooperation in the V4+ region, Budapest, Hungary, 19-21 March
    • First seminar, Warsaw, Poland, 26-28 March

  • 1st RAD Seminar 2014  "Invisible People: Many Faces of Migrations in the Western Balkans", 21-24 February, Niš, Serbia (RAD: Regional Academy for Democracy - Project Coordinator: BFPE; Project Partners: SPS Tirana, SPS Sarajevo, SPS Zagreb, SPS Pristina, SPS Skopje, SPS Podgorica, Zagreb, Croatia. - Next RAD seminar to take place in May

    Schools Strategy for 2012 and beyond

    The Schools have adopted their Strategy for 2012 and Beyond. The Ministers; Deputies took note of the Strategy in 2 May 2012.

    The Strategy aims to build a strategic vision for the Schools of Political Studies; to foster a close partnership between the Schools and Council of Europe's operational work; to expand the Network of the Schools of Political Studies; to develop new partnerships with potential donors and with formal or non-formal educational establishments

    The Strategy is now being promoted among Council of Europe bodies and other institutions and tools (fundraising impact measurement and marketing presentation, onine newsletter) for that purpose are being prepared.


    European Association of the Schools of Political Studies

    In 2008, the Directors of the Schools of Political Studies founded the European Association of Schools of Political Studies to strengthen ties, foster their development and support the Council of Europe’s activities to promote the schools’ network.

    The association is non-profit-making and has no political or religious aims. It is governed by a Board made up of the Directors of schools of political studies and three to ten members elected by the General Assembly for four years. Catherine Lalumière, former Secretary General of the Council of Europe, was elected Chair of the association.

    * "All reference to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo."