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[Last update: 5 décembre 2011]

WebCAT: basic functions

Login to WebCAT

- Use the on-screen navigation options - GO BACK, BACKWARD, FORWARD, not those on your browser.

If you make a mistake, you can use your navigator REFRESH to return to the screen.

triangle Quick search

1. Enter a word or combination of words and press RETURN or one of the options (author, title, etc.)
2. Click FORWARD to view next 20 items
3. Click VIEW to display a full record
triangle Complex search

Tips for refining your searches:
1. Use OR to widen your search, e.g. migration OR immigration
2. Use AND to narrow your search, e.g. Kosovo AND refugees AND asylum
3. Language: enter first 3 letters of the language in English, e.g. eng OR fre OR ger OR ita OR rus
4. Date: use the 'greater than' and 'less than' signs in the PUBYEAR box, e.g.:
<1995 for items published before 1995
>1999 for items published since 2000
triangle Printing

To print a selection, containing the details necessary to locate the items:
1.  Click the items required
3. Click PRINT (at bottom of screen)
4. Use your browser print command to print the result
triangle Locating documents

1. Print or display the full record
2. Refer to the CALL NUMBER at the bottom of each record
3. To locate a periodical article, see also to the HOST ITEM line
4. To locate a Council of Europe document, see also the DOCUMENT NUMBER line