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[Last update: 23 June 2009]

Congress of The Hague, 7-11 May 1948


triangle Proceedings

Plenary sessions

Verbatim report I

Political Committee

Verbatim report II

Political Committee, pp. 57-114

Verbatim report II, continuation

Economic and Social Committee, pp. 1-51

Verbatim report III

Economic and Social Committee, pp. 52-108

Verbatim report III, continuation

Economic and Social Committee, pp. 109-164

Verbatim report III, continuation

Cultural Committee, pp. 1-31

Verbatim report IV

Cultural Committee, pp. 32-79

Verbatim report IV, continuation




List of participants


triangle Links

- European Movement – This page contains also The Hague Congress Resolutions

- Congress of The Hague 50th anniversary – Stockshots and infoclips in the Webstie of the European Commission