Strategy and working methods

The core aim of the Council of Europe LGBT project is to support the implementation of CM Recommendation (2010) 5 in its partner countries. The framework developed for this purpose takes into account the significant differences between the partner countries. The same procedure is followed with all partner member states: (1) a formal written agreement; (2) a preparatory meeting providing a dialogue between representatives of the Council of Europe project and the responsible national ministry/entity; (3) a start-up conference; (4) development of an Action Plan; (5) launch of the Action Plan; (6) implementation of the Action Plan..

Relevant ministries, other national/local authorities and NGOs are encouraged to present at the start-up conference their assessment of

  • the present situation for the LGBT-population
  • the most urgent challenges
  • the goals to be set
  • the most important activities in order to reach these goals and meet the challenges


The project works actively with the partner countries to complete these procedures.