3. Teaching material

Teaching material is created and distributed with a view to making it easier for teachers to prepare lessons based on the "Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust and for the Prevention of Crimes against Humanity". It should be pointed out here that the intention is for the "Day of Remembrance of the Holocaust" to be the subject of a lesson lasting at least one hour, and if possible of a multidisciplinary project (history, literature, music, arts, biology, philosophy) on which several teachers co-operate.

This material also caters for the needs expressed by teachers at training seminars.

The questions underlying the approach:

How should this subject be taught, and to what age group?

How can we avoid traumatising pupils and allow for their age?

How can we link the prevention of crimes against humanity with teaching about the Holocaust?

How can non-specialist teachers participate in an interdisciplinary project based on the "Day of Remembrance"?