European Language Portfolio


How to develop an ELP model

This section of the website provides you with guidance and templates to help you develop an ELP model that will conform to the Principles and Guidelines and meet the needs of your particular educational context. The Guide to compiling an ELP puts the Templates and resources into context.

Why develop an ELP model?

The ultimate aim of the ELP is to support and improve the learning and teaching of languages. So how can it do this? What does the ELP offer that is not already provided by traditional textbooks, syllabi, tests and so on. What, in other words, is the value that the ELP adds to the traditional mix in the classroom?

Here are a few suggestions:

On the other hand, if learners and teachers are not properly introduced to the ELP and its underlying philosophy, and if the ELP is not integrated into the learning-teaching programme of the institution, there can be problems such as the following: