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European Language Portfolio

► Resources and templates

Resources and templates

Before developing your ELP you should familiarise yourself with the following texts:
The most frequent errors to be avoided when developing a new ELP model
(2010), Francis Goullier
How to compile the various components of a European Language Portfolio
(2010), Francis Goullier
Taking account of plurilingual and intercultural competence in European Language Portfolios
(2010), Francis Goullier
European Language Portfolio: Guide for developers (2000), Günther Schneider and Peter Lenz

Linking the ELP to the CEFR

You can use or adapt the templates and resources listed below:

  • to develop your own ELP model (see Guide to compiling an ELP)
  • to supplement an existing ELP model.
  • or as free-standing elements to support your learning and/or teaching

Texts about the Council of Europe and the ELP

  • Text about the Council of Europe for older learners
  • Text about the ELP

Language Passport

Language Biography


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