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European Language Portfolio


History of the ELP project

The sections below tell you how the ELP was originally developed and piloted, the work of the European Validation Committee and the impact of the ELP on language learning and teaching.

The European Language Portfolio: the story so far (1991-2011): a history of the ELP by David Little, Francis Gouillier and Gareth Hughes (members of the Validation Committee, 2001-2010)

The European Language Portfolio: an impact study (2009): a survey of the impact of ELP models in a representative sample of European countries and educational contexts by Maria Stoicheva, Gareth Hughes and Heike Speitz (members of the Validation Committee)

Reports of the ELP project: a series of reports describing the development and implementation of the ELP by Rolf Schärer, General Rapporteur to the ELP project:

Reports from the European ELP seminars (2001-2009) by David Little, Seminar co-ordinator:


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