MEDIANE - Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness

The Mediane Box for Media Diversity Inclusiveness
A self-monitoring and action support tool by Myria GEORGIOU and Reynald BLION

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The Mediane Box on Media Diversity Inclusiveness
A self-monitoring action and support tool

MEDIANE Index presentation during the 1st European Encounter in Nicosia, Cyprus, June 2013 - Video streaming by Ustream
The MEDIANE BOX aims at supporting media efforts to include diversity and non discrimination as on-going angles of media coverage.

This MEDIANE BOX is conceived as:
A self-monitoring tool, for the media and their staff members, on diversity inclusiveness in their professional practices,
as well as an action support tool on diversity inclusiveness in media content design and production.

The MEDIANE BOX covers the main stages of the media content design and production process. It is inspired by the principles of the already existing Intercultural Cities Index of the Council of Europe. The MEDIANE BOX has been built by taking into account media specificities and needs as the main media networks linked to MEDIANE will express and define them.

Three main steps have been followed to build the MEDIANE BOX. It started by a series of consultations with the main European media networks on the main goals of the Box and its main global criteria. Then, a new step consisted of collecting the main results and outputs of MEDIANE activities or of similar European initiatives and analysing them with regard to diversity inclusiveness in media practices. Finally, the concrete development of the MEDIANE BOX and of its electronic version will be launched and concluded by a validation process implemented during the last European encounter.

Reference Guide to Practice

THE MEDIANE BOX - Methodology Paper

THE MEDIANE BOX - Results of the online consultation

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