MEDIANE - Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness

23 – 25 October 2013, Florence (Italy)
Diversity inclusiveness within journalism & media training & literacy
Thematic Encounter

During the MEDIANE THEMATIC ENCOUNTER “Diversity Inclusiveness in Journalism & Media Training & Literacy ”, participants exchanged practices, research and experiences to develop an overview of diversity inclusiveness in journalism training and media literacy and to discuss and to plan actions for including diversity along all the journalism training curriculum or media literacy methodologies.
Various sessions and workshops allowed participants to have a better understanding of diversity inclusiveness and to share examples of practical situations in journalism training and media literacy, including up-skilling activities (for instance about online journalism as a potential tool with its risks and opportunities to get a greater inclusion of diversity in news). In small groups, they designed a project for including diversity in their own professional context in a transversal way.
This first Training encounter also invited groups of participants to start an exploratory process of diversity inclusiveness in their own professional background through an offer of European Exchanges of Media Practices (EEMPs). Participants worked on case studies, training tools, joint exercises and other activities of training for including diversity.
Strengthen journalism trainers capacities and competencies on the inclusion of diversity and non-discrimination in their daily training work.
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