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We strive towards a Europe where the diversity of cultures, the arts, and cultural and natural heritage are essential to the development of a genuine openness of mind and basic rights, and where open and interactive processes and practices of culture encompass different elements that combine to help us deal with the complexities of living with ourselves and one another. (more...)


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Participation of the Council of Europe to the Beyond the Obvious Conference

The Council of Europe is participating in the Beyond the Obvious Conference to be held in Gothenbourg, Sweden 15-17 October, 2015. The event is organized by Culture Action Europe, the umbrella organization of cultural professionals in Europe. The Council of Europe contribution to the event will be on the issue of freedom of expression. The Conference aims to bring together innovative ideas in an innovative format in order to seek the balance between meaningful public sphere and private as well as commercial interests as a means to fulfilling cultural rights as human rights. [08/10/2015]

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Study visit on refugee welcome to integration in the labour market

The Council of Europe is organising on 22 and 23 October a study visit for the cities participating in its Intercultural cities programme, to Berlin Neukölln, also a member, on refugee reception. Berlin Neukölln has leading experience in all key areas of refugee welcome. Its policies focus on creating the best conditions for effective social integration through culture and language courses, engagement with NGOs, competence recognition and facilitating connections with the labour market. Intercultural cities is a Council of Europe programme which supports cities across Europe in developing modern integration policies so that they can minimise the challenges and maximise the benefits of migration and diversity. [05/10/2015]



Refugees – creating conditions for diversity advantage”, Neuchâtel, 29-30 November

The Council of Europe/Intercultural cities and the canton of Neuchâtel, COSM, are organising a seminar to discuss what receiving countries can do concretely to facilitate the social and economic integration of refugees. From the point of view of successful integration, the first days and weeks after arrival are important not only in terms of providing for refugees’ material needs, but also for their social needs, such as the possibility to communicate with others, kindle new friendships and establish social networks which can help with the search for employment and other occupations. The seminar will review examples of how cities across Europe deal with this challenge and draw general policy conclusions. [12/10/2015]



First ever mediation visit under the Bern Convention to find a compromise between energy developments and biodiversity conservation

The first-ever mediation visit organised under the Bern Convention tooke place on 6-9 October 2015 to Vilnius and Rudamina (Lazdijai district), Lithuania, following a complaint submitted by a local NGO to the Convention’s governing body. The complaint denounces the construction of an Overhead Power Line (OHL) in an environmentally sensitive area near a Unesco Biosphere Reserve and a EU Natura 2000 site. According to the complainant, the project, considered of strategic importance by the country, would have a direct impact on several species and habitats protected under both the Bern Convention and EU nature legislation. The Standing Committee to the Bern Convention decided to address the matter through the Mediation, a new tool that will allow clarifying the conservation issues related to the complaint, help reach a consensus and record the agreements of possible solutions that would satisfy both sides, in the respect of the spirit and letter of the Convention. The visit was conducted by an independent mediator accompanied by a Council of Europe’s delegation. (more...) [12/10/2015]


16th Council of Europe Meeting of the Workshops for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention (Andorra la Vella, 1-2 October 2015)

The 16th Council of Europe Meeting of the Workshops for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention on "Landscape and transfrontier cooperation: Landscape knows no boundary", was organised by the Council of Europe – Democratic Governance, Secretariat of the European Landscape Convention – in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Sustainable development of Andorra, within the context of the Work Programme of the European Landscape Convention of the Council of Europe. The Meeting aimed to analyse experiences on the landscape, achieved or ongoing, of transfrontier co-operation. [05/10/2015]

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FOCUS: Cultural Heritage

European Heritage Days 2015 : spotlight on Europe’s Industrial Heritage

Canals, mines, breweries, potteries, forges, railways, cotton mills tell us as much about our heritage as celebrated archaeological sites, cathedrals and castles. This year Europe has come together to examine our shared past through the unique lens of our Industrial Heritage, with more than 30 countries joining this common theme. In September, people across the Continent will visit thousands of sites for free, most of them only open to the public during European Heritage Days. (more...) [09/09/2015]


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