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SPARDA: Lyon, France


Lyon is the third largest city in France. It is a densely populated area – with a population size of 472.000 inhabitants (2007). It is also France’s second largest business capital after Paris. It is a major industrial centre specialising in chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industries and there is also a significant software industry. Unemployment rates are slightly below the French average.


In 1999, it was estimated that 8% of the total population were foreign nationals. Regardless of their current nationality, 14% were born abroad: 4.2% of these in Algeria and 3.3% in the EU (INSEE). Like in most French cities, the majority of the immigrant population is of North African origin. However, official statistics make no differentiation between those holding French citizenship. Nevertheless, the integration of second- and even third generation immigrants is a major public concern.


ISCPA, the local SPARDA partner, is a private journalism and communications university.



Target audience: Population in Lyon city centre

Media: Web, outdoor, radio

Dates: October-November 2011


In Lyon, our local partner was ISCPA Institut des Medias, a private journalism and advertising university. The campaign was not developed in consultation with civil society during the Media and Diversity sessions as in other cities. However, it was particularly original, and proved to be highly successful, given the communications experience of those involved.


The campaign concept was "The biggest webpage in the world for diversity". Lyon residents were invited to upload their picture on a web mural and leave a message showing their support for diversity. The web page was supported with an outdoor campaign in Lyon Metro, radio spots, web banners and street marketing to get people to participate.


The campaign was well planned in that it used a number of different media with a coherent message and a consistent visual identity. However, the message did not focus on the advantage that diversity represents for Lyon and its inhabitants. This could represent a missed opportunity to disseminate a strong message.


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