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South East Europe: Institutional Capacity Building Plan (ICBP)


The Institutional Capacity Building Plan (ICBP) is the improvement of the already existing political structures and the creation of the administrative framework that will be responsible for the everyday management of heritage.


The main body in charge of the implementation is the Legislative Support Task Force ("cellule d’appui législatif" – CAL) which deals with laws or draft laws on protection of the architectural heritage, understood in the sense of the Granada Convention, and addresses related problems of administrative organisation and, as appropriate, heritage funding where this is linked to legal and administrative protection mechanisms, as well as dissemination of good practice, as illustrated in the Reference Framework.


In order to respond to the common challenges faced by participating countries in the Regional Programme for Cultural and Natural Heritage in South East Europe, the CAL has contributed to ICBP activities since 2005 through a series of seminars organised in :

Sofia, October 2004, "Legal Reform in the field of cultural heritage in South East Europe"

Bucharest, November 2005, "Integrated Management Tools for Cultural Heritage in South East Europe"

Belgrade , September 2006, "Enhancement of the cultural and natural heritage: a factor for sustainable development"


These Seminars have provided multilateral assistance for the benefit of the region. Legal Assistance requests are being formulated by different countries/regions on the basis of the results of these conferences, as well as the needs which emerge from the implementation of the other components of the Regional Programme.




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