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Social Cohesion Research and Early Warning

Council of Europe training session on well-being indicators for all in Ulyanovsk, Russian Federation

2-3/04/2012: The Council of Europe team conducted a training session on well-being indicators for all with the Russian Union of Social Workers in Ulyanovsk at the start of April. The two days training resulted in an enthusiastic engagement on launching the first steps leading to setting up a Social Cohesion Action Plan in the area. The training sessions provided participants with the tools and knowledge to analyse the needs and potential of the population of 6 municipalities in terms of social cohesion and well-being for all. The training itself was a real success thanks to the engagement of the Minister of Labour and Social Development, who personally attended the opening and the closing sessions. In the coming months the participants will complete a plan of activities agreed upon as a result of the training session. Its implementation will be first discussed in August and then once more at the end of October/beginning of November. The goal is to provide full support to this region in order to transform the participants themselves into trainers and disseminators in other regions of the Russian Federation.







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